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Welcome to the Paradise Summer Membership for the year 2018 As a benefit of being a TIGL league member in good standing, you receive a Paradise Summer Card for 2018 that gives you discounts to many of the best golf courses in the Tampa Bay area. However, this card doesn?t include all the valued added benefits that accompany a retail purchased membership. We do have an inexpensive option for you to include these fabulous and valuable value added benefits and that option is listed below called THE 2018 TIGL SUMMER MEMBERSHIP UPGRADE plan. As such, you will receive the following by enrolling in the upgrade program. The $810 in savings created by these value added bonuses far exceed the $75 cost of the upgrade: ? TRY US OUT COUPONS MEMBER SAVINGS - $119 ? 23 ROUND SAVINGS PARADISE VS PUBLIC - $417 ? TRY US OUT GUEST SAVINGS VS PUBLIC - $241 ? Beef o Bradys and Brickhouse Coupons - $15 ? 3 Free Range Buckets - $18 We hope you will take full advantage of this upgrade option!


Gregg Gregg Gagliardi, PGA President Paradise Golf 8198 Woodland Center Blvd Tampa, FL 33614 (813) 635-9100 x 8 office (352) 552-6036 cell (813) 246-4888 fax

www.paradise-golf.com www.paradiseteetimes.com








Email Ron Matthews to inquire about becoming a sponsor.

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