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Tampa Industrial Golf League Bylaws

League Officers
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Commencement of Play
Starting Time
Establishing Handicaps
Team Rosters

    The purpose of this document is to provide the regulation and guidelines by which this league is operated.


    The TIGL officers are elected annually at the yearend Jamboree. Anyone interested in becoming an officer of TIGL should contact a league representative.

The League Officers, which comprise the 2017 TIGL Committee, are as follows:

Steve Backhaus Scott Besley Bob Frederick

Tom Krumrei Doug Rodriguez Greg Winchell

For questions or to request information, please call (813) 684-1446 and leave a message with your name and phone numbers where you can be reached both during the day and in the evenings. Someone will return your call with the appropriate information as quickly as possible. Alternative, you may e-mail to questions@tigl.org.


    A. Fees for league membership are as follow:

    * League membership and prepayment for the end-of-your TIGL Jamboree: $160.00 per player

    *League membership only $90.00 per player. If the player decides at a later date to play in the jamboree, the cost will be an additional $75.00 if payment is made by June1, $85.00 if payment is made from June 2 until July 31 and $95.00 if payment is made after July 31. (Both fee options include a Summer Paradise Golf Card. Players who have already purchased a card can substitute another person's name for the ard that is provided by TIGL.)

    B. Entrance fees are due in advance, and must be paid to the league's Vice President of Finance, Each team must have a minimum of six (6) palyers on their roster.

    C. Teams will not be scheduled to participate in the league until all fees are paid in full.

    D. The entrance fee is for the purpose of binding a player as a member of the league.

      (1) All persons with paidup fees and assessments are entitled to play and participate in the yearend Jamboree, except as stated in Paragraph IV Amembers of teams expelled from the league will not be allowed to play in the TIGL Jamboree.


    F. Green fees and cart fees will be $16.00, with the exception of TPC and that will be $25.00. Walking will be prohibited at all courses.



    A. League financial records may be audited by appointed representatives midway through the season.


    A. Any team having more than two (2) forfeits will be expelled from the TIGL and Paragraph II E of the league ByLaws will apply.

      (1) Hardship cases such as strikes, etc. will be considered on an individual basis by the TIGL officers.(2) Teams unable to field enough players to play on a Tuesday night can try to arrange another night during the week to play the match. The arrangement must be made by the members of the teams, not the TIGL officers, and it must be agreed to by both teams involved. The match must be played prior to the next regularly scheduled match; thus, generally before the next Tuesday.


    A. The first night of league play will commence on



    A. Matches start between 5:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.. At 5:30 p.m., the players must have paid their greens fees, be checked in with the starter, and be ready to play. A PLAYER WHO IS IN THE PARKING LOT AT 5:30 GETTING HIS OR HER EQUIPMENT READY IS NOT DEEMED READY TO PLAY!



    A. A course/conference rainout is declared if:

      (1) Lightning and/or inclement weather conditions exist and no one is on the course by 5:30 p.m..

      (2) The course professional closes the course because of local conditions (e.g., too wet).

      (3) In all other situations, play can be canceled only by the league officers and the course officers that are present. Do not assume play has been canceled prior to the 5:30 starting time unless you have received official notification from the course officer.

    B. Alternative scheduling possibilities:

      (1) If there is a rainout (nonexcessive), the scheduled matched will be played the following week, and all subsequent matches will be delayed one (or more) week.

      (2) Cancellation of part of the league schedule will occur only in the event of excessive rainouts, and will be determined by the league officers.

    C. If play has be delayed for more than 30 minutes, play cannot be continued, and six (6) or more holes already have been completed by at least 80 percent of the field, then the week's matches are deemed official and the results for every match will count toward the standings. The matches in progress at the time of the delay will be considered over at that point, with each remaining hole considered to be halved. If less than 80% of the field has completed six (6) holes and play cannot be continued, the entire schedule of matches for that day will be canceled.

    When play is stopped, note your position and turn in your score cards.



    A. All players who competed in the league last season will begin this season with the handicaps that were in effect at the yearend Jamboree.

    B. New players can establish a league handicap by any of the following methods:

    (1) Submit a handicap card which is certified by a recognized golf professional from the state of Florida. (a) Either a USGA or FGA handicap card is acceptable. The nine hole handicap will equal one half the eighteen hole handicap.(b) If a new league player has a certified handicap, a copy of the handicap card must be received by the league no later than the Friday before the start of the season. If proof of handicap has not been provided by this date, the player will be forced to establish a handicap through the league.

    (2) When a player without a handicap plays his or her first round, the player's handicap will be computed after completion of the round by computing 80% of the differential between his or her adjusted score and the course rating for the nine holes played. For the second and subsequent rounds, the handicap will be computed according to the league handicap system. In the event a player is establishing a handicap (i.e., first round of play in the league), he or she will play as the #2 golfer on the team. If more than one player is establishing a handicap, then the positions played should be in the following order: #2 position first, #3 position second, #4 position third, and #1 position last. For example, if two players need to establish handicaps, they would play as the #2 and #3 golfers; if three players need to establish handicaps, they would play as the #2, #3, and #4 golfers; and, so on. In the case where more than one player is establishing a handicap, the decision as to which establishing position each player fills is left to the discretion of the team captain or representative.

    C. The lowest 50% of all rounds played will be used to compute handicaps for the yearend Jamboree. A minimum of five (5) nine hole rounds is required to be flighted for the Jamboree. Players with less than five (5) rounds will play in the rostered Calloway.

    D. In order to participate in the league playoffs at the end of the year, a player must have played at least five (5) competitive rounds during the regular season. In the event a playoff is needed to determine a first half division winner, only players with at least two (2) competitive rounds will be permitted to participate.

    E. Questions regarding handicaps may be mailed to handicap@tigl.org.



    A. Completed team rosters must be received by the Vice President of Handicapping no later than three weeks before the start of the season. A TIGL officer must be notified at least 48 hours prior to a scheduled match if there is to be a change in team rosters.

    B. Roster changes will not be permitted after the first Tuesday in June. Only hardship cases will be considered by the league officers after this date. Again, the league must be notified at least 48 hours in advance.


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