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To All,

I have scheduled a captains meeting at Carrollwood on Tuesday February 20th at 6:30. I really hope this works for everyone but if not let me know. The Jamboree is scheduled for Saturday September 29th at Innisbrook. We will be playing 3 courses this year (dropping Westchase) and they will be Temple Terrace, TPC and Carrollwood. If we do need to add another we will deal with it when the time comes. I think we can leave the league only fee at $90 but I bumped up the Jamboree fee by $5.00 to $170. I have attached last year?s rules and registration form that I modified but the registration form will need to have a new place to return the form to with their contact info. Scott is retiring from his league duties this year but if needed I?m sure he can send out the initial notice for the captains meeting and then send whoever want to run point his records. We still need to decide on what we will use for a handicap system. We should be able to incorporate a program that each course captain can input weekly scores direct on either our web site or possibly use a link through Paradise golf. We need to get the meeting notice sent out and we probably should have another meeting of the new volunteers before that night. We will then have a month to finalize all the working parts before the league starts. Would Monday or Tuesday 2/12 or 2/13 work for a preliminary meeting? Say 5:30 at Ricks?

Thank you,

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Added is our new front page. As you can tell we now have two additional tabs to use. The one will be for sale items that you may have. This will be a free service to our members. If you have equipment you would like to sell, send an email to RON AT GOLFER8247@AOL.COM. Items will be kept on the site for a period of three weeks unless additional time is requested.


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