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Greetings from the Tampa Industrial Golf League (TIGL)


To All,

Attached is an Excel file with the updated TIGL 2018 Schedule due to Tuesday's Rain-out. Future Rain-out scenarios:

1. If any TIGL Course(s) has a 2nd rain-out, then that Course(s) schedule will be moved forward 1-week, except the TIGL Jamboree.

2. If any TIGL Course(s) has a 3rd rain-out, then the Committee will MOST LIKELY NOT re-schedule the matches due to the time constraints.




Added is our new front page. As you can tell we now have two additional tabs to use. The one will be for sale items that you may have. This will be a free service to our members. If you have equipment you would like to sell, send an email to RON AT GOLFER8247@AOL.COM. Items will be kept on the site for a period of three weeks unless additional time is requested.


Another tab we have added is for your company to advertise. Please help our sponsors and give them your business. There is a fee for this service. Again, you can contact RON MATTHEWS AT GOLFER8247@AOL.COM.

Schedule - Can be seen on the standings tab.

Questions & Answers
If there is anything you would like for us to attempt to put on the web site, please let us know. If you haven't already checked it out, we now have the weather channel listed.

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